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11-11-2002 by sasso 11-11-2002 :iconsasso:sasso 0 14 Geek v3x by sasso Geek v3x :iconsasso:sasso 4 22
There's got to be more to life than this,
I can't think of another reason why.
This empty, unfulfilled feeling inside,
Something that is left unfinished, to die.
Is there more to see, to do, to feel?
Can you attribute it all to a single word?
Then why does it make me cringe everytime,
When the word "potential" is heard.
It's like a sign is held above your head,
For all the world to see, to point at.
They don't see you at all anymore,
Only the level you have yet to arrive at.
On it goes, with each passing day,
I begin to realize that this has to be.
But the question lingers louder as of late,
Am I slowly beginning to lose me?
:iconsasso:sasso 0 15
10-07-2002 by sasso 10-07-2002 :iconsasso:sasso 0 11 Light Amid Darkness by sasso Light Amid Darkness :iconsasso:sasso 0 25 Stone Church by sasso Stone Church :iconsasso:sasso 1 12 Canvascom Forum Wh0re by sasso Canvascom Forum Wh0re :iconsasso:sasso 0 17 BR Website Interface v3 by sasso BR Website Interface v3 :iconsasso:sasso 0 18
Erotica Challenge - sasso
It always starts off the same, but I never tire of it
For the amount of time inbetween is far too much to take
I count the days, weeks and months until I see you again
And the moment you finally arrive, I feel myself shake
I fight to remain calm, all in good time I silently say
Can't rush something as beautiful as your loving envelope
So I feed my patience knowing that soon you'll be mine
Knowing that, is the only way I can ever possibly cope
I will free you of your fastens, releasing you to me
Your aroma will fill me, leaving a memory that lasts forever
I gently enter you, slowly, probing for what I need
To feel you at my finger tips, touching, is to fully surrender
I pull you closer to me, closer to the candlelight's aura
My eyes track every line of you, a virtual photo of you
I take it all in, absorb as much as I can for as long as I can
For when this is over I will begin to agonize over you
With every passing day I encreasingly long for your presence
True consuming love and passion
:iconsasso:sasso 0 14
9000 for fuzzys by sasso 9000 for fuzzys :iconsasso:sasso 0 10 09-16-2002 by sasso 09-16-2002 :iconsasso:sasso 0 9 King For A Day by sasso King For A Day :iconsasso:sasso 0 31 deviantID Updated - sasso by sasso deviantID Updated - sasso :iconsasso:sasso 0 26 BR Website Interface v2 by sasso BR Website Interface v2 :iconsasso:sasso 0 14
Where Were You
I hear those words over and over again
And I realize it's not only in recent time
For those words have followed many events
Once more against humanity there was a crime
Those three words will bring an automatic response
A knee-jerk reaction for which there's no control
You really cannot escape those curiousity seekers
You cannot dodge the question and find a hole
You must relive that significant memory again
Feel the horror, the blinding anger, the sorrow
With the knowledge that this will never end
Today you answer, and will do so again tomorrow
Where were you when JFK...
Where were you during Munich '72...
Where were you when the Challenger...
Where were you on September 11...
Significant moments that are etched in history
Will never fade, be forgotten, not be a topic
It's like slowing down at the scene of an accident
I wonder sometimes what really makes us tick
The biggest fear that always finds a way in
To creep slowly into my mind, an epiphany
Is that burning question you know the
:iconsasso:sasso 2 23
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Sal Loria
Personal Quote: Savage!

Boy, you don't realize how much you've missed a place until you've come back to it.... It's been 5 months since I last came by, and it seems that the good things are just as I left them: fantastic.

It's nice to see all the messages everyone's left on this page, you have no idea how cool that is. One of these days I'll take the time to return the favor to everyone who did so... gonna need a lotta coffee for that...

A lot has changed in those 5 months that I've been away. Most notably, my profession. Web development = out/logistics = in. Don't ask, it's a long story, but needless to say things are going quite well. Although, I do miss creating in Photoshop and whatnot, that's for sure. Good thing I have to redesign our basketball team's website this summer, that'll be about all I'll have time for in that department.

Anyhoo, I'm back, regrettably not as much as I'd like to be, but I'm back, and I've got a ton of things to catch up on. Once again, thanks for the messages folks. It's good to be "home" again.

Deviousness Award

Deviousness Award
Sasso has been one of the most active members since his joining deviantART. His enormous amount of daily contributions by way of deviation commenting, deviant commenting and forum posts rivals the most extremely constructive of anyone on the site. Using Deviation Packs Sasso has created some of the most stunning compilations of deviations found on deviantART. The dedication to his friend Krash, his unwavering and unselfish support of deviantART, and all deviants, has shown us that he is most deviously deserving of this award!


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